My plan is to save DKK 8400,- every month for the next 10 years 
DKK 8400 x 12= DKK 100,800 pr. year
DKK 100,800 x 10 = DKK 1.008.000,- 

To do this will give you a tip every week 

Tip for week 1

Pay your debts:

One of the "dumbest" you can do is mortgaging you. If you can, make sure to pay your debt - especially if you still have savings below elsewhere, unless there is talk about your pension, for example.
If you own your home, but have more debt standing in the bricks than the real value, what is it worth? To find out what you actually have values, you have to drag all your debts from your assets. The net value, who then decide whether you are wealthy or not.

my debt is DKK 0

I live for rent and my car is paid, so now I can start on my plan.